Obituary Notices. Group 1.

These death notices extracted from the local newspapers in this case mostly the PPL (The Philadelphia Public Ledger) are but a few examples of probably the first information that an extended family would have of the death of a loved relative in the war.This was an era of slow communication and newspapers and their content was of major importance for the circulation of information. Even as now over 140 years later when one looks at the names and indeed the ages of the young men named one wonder what if only? who were their families? how soon would their relatives back in Ireland (in the case of Irishmen) get to know about the loss?. Not all the now famous "Letters from Amerikay" always brought good news. So many questions so few answers.

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Asher Asher Co.I  
Bell Joseph R Co. G. 
Blair John Co. I. 
Boyer Noah Co. I. 
Boyle John Co. I. 
Buckley Jojm Co. K. 
Burns Thomas Co. K.  
Burns William J Co. H  
Campbell George Co. B  
Carrol Thomas Co. H.  
Carvey Patrick Co.D  
Cardell Arthur Co. E  
Casidy John Co. H.
Cassidy Lieut Co. B  
Costello James Co. C.  
Coyne Michael Co.H  
Devine-Kane Michael Co I.  
Davis William F.A.S.  
Devlin James Co. E  
Donohue Owen Co. C.
Dooley Stephen Co.A
Dougherty Charlie Co. C  
Downey Michael Co K.  
Doherty William J Co E  
Dunn James Co. A  
Duffy James F.A.S.  
Duffy James Co.D
Dunaven William Co H  
Faddin Arthur Co. B  
Farrell Nicholas Co. B  
Flynn John Co. E  
Fox John M Co. D
Gallagher Hugh Co.B  
Garrett Joseph Wilson Co. B
Garrett Henry Co. C  
Gibson Francis Co.E  
Golcher James Titus Co.E  
Gortman William Co.I
Gillen Neill Co. I
Gleeson Francis Co. K
Gorrell Charles Co.B
Gregg John Co. F
Harp John Co. H
Hart Patrick Co. K
Hayes William Co. E
Hayhoe Edward Co. I
Healey Patrick Co.I
Henry Michael (Alias McElwee) Co. D
Jack Josias Co. F
Jacobs Christian K Co. D.
Jordan Thomas Co. G.
Kelly Charles Co. H
Kelly Hugh Co. E
Kelly Thomas Co. H
Ledger Charles Co. B
Lindsey Thomas Co. F
Long Joseph Co. C
Lyle James P Co. C
Maguire Michael Co. C.
Moran James Co. K
Morrison Robert Co.A
McAnally Peter Co. D
McAdams Terrence Co.A
McCosker Bernard Co.G
McDowell Joseph Co.K
McGlinchy Patrick Co. C
McGovern Farrell Co. A
McGowan Denis Co. A
McManus Andrew Co. E
McCabe James Co. D
McCormick Stewart Co. D
McHugh Joseph Co.I
McCall Hugh Co. B
McCutcheon David Co.B
McCafferty Neal Co F
McElroy John Co. F
McGuckin Andrew Co.B
McGarrigle James Co. A.
McGrath Thomas Co. H.
McHugh John Co.A
McKeever Co D
McNamara John Co. B
O'Connor Barney Co. C
O'Connor Patrick Co. K
O'Kane Colonel F.A.S.
Ormsby Edward Co.I
Rapp Henry Co. I
Ritz John (Driebelbies) Co. C
Rourke William Co.C
Riley Terrence Co. B
Riley John Co. I
Ryan Thomas Co. G
Sanders George Co. A
Shaw James Co. D
Sherry Edward Co. G
Souder Henry Co. I
Sweeney John Co E
Thompson Edward Co. I
Thomas Henry Co. F
Thompson George Co. F
Tibbens Isaac Co. D.
Truitt Joseph Co. F
Tschudy Martin F.A.S
Whidley William Co I
Williams J William Co. I
Williams H Charles Drum Major F& S.

Obituary Notice Sergt. Peter McAnally Co. D. 69th Pa Vols. Dec. 1917.

Peter McAnally Buried. Midvale Steel Co. Superintendent succumbs to pneumonia. The funeral of Peter McAnally who died of pneumonia was held on Saturday. Services were held at 10 o'clock in the Catholic church of St. Vincent De Paul and internemnt was made in the New Cathedral cemetery. Mr McAnally is survived by four children. Mrs R.J.Graham of San Francisco, Elanor, Regina and Joseph McAnally. Mr McAnally who was one of the most expert steel men in the country was born in Ireland in 1845 and came to this country when 8 years of age. For 50 years he was connected with the Midvale Steel Co. rising to the position of superintendent of the cruicible plant where the highest grade steel is turned out. He was a veteran of the Civil War having fought with the 69th Pennsylvania Volunteers. He was a sergeant in his company. Mr McAnally was a member of the Ellis Iron and Steel Institute. He was also prominent in several building and loan associations. His wife died 21 years ago.
In 1911 Mr McAnally was one of the Republican nominees for common council but he was not elected. He died 11th December 1917.
Peter was also a member of GAR and in the Post 6 Memorial book in May 1818 his death is noted.
Recommended for membership in Post 6 by Jonas H. Dettre and dated 19th Oct. 1911 at age 66. Born in Ireland resident 326 E.Chelten Ave Germantown. Occupation superintendent. Enlisted 6th Nov. 1863. Discharged 1st July at Munsons Hill Va.

Obit notice Pvte. Michael Downey Co. K


Obit notice Pvte. James Costello Co. C

(P.I June 1893)

Obit notice Pvte. Josiag Jack Co. F.

(P.I June 1893)

Obit notice Sergt Thomas Jordan Co. G

Obit Notice Pvte. Thoas McGrath Co. H

Obituary of Private Michael Walsh Co. C

Private Michael Welsh of Company C, 69th PVI died Oct. 2, 1863 of typhoid fever at the South St. General Hospital in Philadelphia. He is buried in Old Cathedral Cemetery with many other soldiers of the 69th PVI.
Phil.Pub. Oct 6th. 1863.

Obit. Sergt. John Titus Golcher Co. E.

"GOLCHER - Nov. 13, 1914, JOHN T., husband of Katherine Golcher, aged 72 years. Relatives and friends, also Oriental Lodge, No. 385, F. and A. M., and survivors of 71st Regt., Penna. Volunteers, are invited to attend funeral services, on Wednesday, at 2 P. M., at his late residence, 5415 Sharswood st., West Phila. Interment Mt. Moriah Cemetery."
Phil.Inquirer Nov 17th 1914

Obit. John C. Buckley Co. F.

April 24, 1908 Philadelphia Inquirer Obituary Page 7
BUCKLEY - Suddenly, on April 22, 1908, JOHN C. BUCKLEY, aged 67 years. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral services, on Saturday, April 25, at 11 A. M., precisely, at his late residence, 642 North Seventeenth street. Interment private.

Obit. Michael Henry Co.C.

(P.I May 21st 1891)

Obit. Owen Donohue Co.C.

(Buried in Atkinson Family Grave)

December 27, 1873 Public Ledger Obituary Page 2

CAMPBELL - On the 25th instant, GEORGE CAMPBELL, aged 57 years. The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at 1 o'clock, from his late residence 133 Carpenter street. To proceed to Mount Moriah Cemetery.

Obit 1912-11-07; Paper: Philadelphia Inquirer

"JACOBS - 4th inst., CHRISTIAN K., husband of Anna E. Jacobs. Relatives and friends, also E. D. Baker Post, No. 8, G. A. R.; Fidelity Lodge, No. 138, I. O. O. F.: all societies of which he was a member, invited to services, Thurs., 2 P. M., residence, 2833 N. 8th st. Interment Mt. Vernon."

September 17, 1896 Philadelphia Inquirer Obituary Page 11

CARDELL - On September 14, ARTHUR CARDELL. The relatives and friends of the family and survivors of the late Sixty-ninth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Thursday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from his late residence, No. 1535 Federal street. Interment at Mount Moriah Cemetery.

(P.I.Oct 11th 1902)

(P.I.Oct 11th 1902)

( P.I. April 30th.1921)

(Entry P R Jan 10th 1889

(Catholic Herald Visitor 10.7.1863)

(Entry PI 18.2.1878)

(Entry PPL 13.7.1862)

(Entry PPL 15.6.1864)

( Entry PI 5.8.1863)

(Entry PPL 14.7.1863)

(Entry PI 22.7.1863)

Reading Eagle July 9th 1932

(Entry PPL 11.12.1917)


(Entry PPL 18.7.1863)

(Entry PI 2.12.1864)

(Entry PPL 27.11862)

(Entry PPL May 18868)

(Entry PPL 3.7.1862)

(Entry PI 1.12>1862)

(Entry PPL 10.10.1862)

(Entry PR 17.5.18610

(Entry PPL 24.1.1862)

(Entry PPL)

(Entry PPL 18.7.1863)

(Entry PPL 18.1.1863)

(Entry PPL 14.10.1862)

(Entry PI 29.5.1900)

(Entry PPL 21.3.1898)

(Entry PPL 18.7.1863)

(Entry PPL Nov 19th 1905)

(Entry PPL 29.12.1862)

(Entry PPL 18.7.1863)

(Entry PPL 19.6.1865)

(PI 7.4.1898))

(Entry PPL 17.5.1864)

(Entry PPL 26.9.1862)

(Entry PPL 20.2.1862)

(Entry PPL 18.7.1863)

(Entry PPL 3.7.1863)

(Entry PI 22.9.1918)

(Entry PPL 10.7.1863)

From the two obituary notices above and below it would appear that though he had been killed near Gettysburg his body would appear to have been placed in a temporary battlefield grave and then retrieved and buried in the Cathedral Cemetery July 31st 1863 some three weeks later. It is noted in the undertakers notes that body had been "disinfected in chloride of lime" and he had been killed by a gunshot wound.

Pvte. Farrell McGovern Co. A
(Entry PPL 31.7.1863)

(Entry PR 12.1.1904)

(Entry PPL 8.8.1862)

(Entry PPL 3.11.1862)

(Entry PPL 5.2.1863)

(Entry PR 11.6.1888)

(Entry PPL 2.9.1862)

(Entry Chronicle America Dig.News.22.2.1922 EPL)

(Entry PI 24.8.1901)

(Entry PI 9.6.1869)

(Entry PPL 22.1.1863)

(Entry PPL 16.5.1864)

(Entry PPL 28.7.1863)

(Entry PPl 8.7.1863)

(Entry PPL 28.4.1863)

(Entry PPL 13.7.1863)

(Entry PPL 13.7.1863)

(Entry EPR 18.10.1862)

(Entry PR 27.10.1890)

(Entry 26.3.1863)

(Entry PI 6.5.1889)

(Entry PPL 5.8.1862)

(Entry PPL P4.10.1862)

(Entry PPL 12.9.1862)

(Entry Fort Wayne News 3.3.1919)

(Entry PI 20.10.1916)

(Entry PRP 14.4.1891)

(Entry Lebanon Evening News 22.9.1919)

(Entry PPI 10.10.1862)

(Entry Newark Evening News 6.11.1893)


(Entry PPL 14.7.1863)

(Entry PI 7.7.1916)

(Entry PI 7.7.1916)

(Entry PPI 17.6.1869)

(Entry PPI 1.10.1862)

Obituary William Dougherty Co. E

Dougherty on the 8th Inst. William J Dougherty. The relatives and friends of the family are respectively invited to the funeral on Thursday morning. Member of Post 2 GAR and Sixty Ninth Reg't Penna Volunteers Co. E. Funeral this Thursday morning at 8.30 from the residence of his brother in law Michael Devenney 257 South Twentyfifth. High Mass at St Patricks church to proceed to Cathedral cemetery.

(Entry PI April 10th 1889)

(Entry PPL. April 1864)


(Entry PPI 22.12.1883)

(PPL 1862)


(Entry PPL 8.7.1863)

(Entry PPL 16.7.1863)

(Entry PPL)

(Entry PPL 15.7.1863)

(Entry P.R 23.2.1898)

(Entry P.R 20.9.1902)

(Entry PPL 15.7.1863)

(Entry P.I. 13.1.1905)

(Entry 29.12.1862)

(Entry P.I.June 1862)

(Entry PPI 3.8.1863)

NOTE:This is in fact Cpl. Patrick Carney. Buried Cathedral Cemetery.