Some images of the men of the 69th.Pa.

Includes men of the 71st. Pa. who served out their engagement term in the 69th. Pa.

Regimental Chaplian Rev.Michael F.Martin Co. Tyrone Ireland.

Colonel Dennis O'Kane. Born Tireighter townland Park Learmount Claudy Co. Derry Ireland.

Sergt. Ambrose Tiffany Wilbur 71st/69th Pa.

Sergt Major Thomas Norman Co, A

Corporal Patrick H Lyndon Co. H.

Pvts. Robert Spence Co. F.

Sergt. William Jeffries 71st.Pa/69th.Pa. Wagonmaster.

Capt Thomas Woods Co. E. Cootehill Co. Cavan

Pvte. Thomas Kearney Co. B.

1st Lieut. Charles B.Tanner Co.H. M.O.H. ex 1st Del. Regt.

Pvte Clifton Colvin Co B.

Capt Francis Bierwirth Co G
Courtesy Egg Harbour Roundhouse Museum.

1st. Lieut Aneas Dougherty (Doherty) Co B.

Capt. Theodore (Thomas) Stratton Co. K.

A young Pvte. James Pearson Lyle Co A and L 71st Pa Co. C 69th. Pa.

An old Pvte. James Pearson Lyle Co A and L 71st Pa Co. C 69th. Pa.

Pvte Henry Owens Co E.

Adjutant Anthony W. McDermott who wrote the short initial history of the 69th.
Born Philadelphia. Parents from Gortgallen Lanesborough Co. Longford Ireland.

Brig. General Joshua T. Owens born Carmarthenshire Wales.

Lieut.Col.St. John Devereux. American born.

Capt.Thomas Furey Co. B. Born Ireland 1826 died Philadelphia 19.3.1912

Major James O'Reilley Born Belturbet Co. Cavan Ireland.

1st Lieut. Joseph M. Kelly Co. K.

Private Leonard Syler Co. A.
(Image courtesy of Bonnie Syler a descendant relative)

Sergt.Joseph Ripak Koch Co.F.

(Image courtesy Denise Phillips descendant relative)

Colour Sergt David Kiniry Co. D. Born Co. Cork Ireland died Philadelphia.
(Image courtesy of descendant Kiniry family.)

Private Henry McLarren Co.F.

Corp John E Reilley

Corp William Turpin Elben

Pvte. Thomas Burns Co. K. Born Ireland 1842 died Philadelphia 13.1.1905.

Capt.James Harvey Co. D.

Lieut. Martin Tshudy. Born Charleston S.C.

Major Patrick Tinen.

Dr.Charles Carroll Bombaugh. Regt.Surgeon.

Capt. Charles McAnally M.O.H. Born Glenviggan Draperstown Co. Derry Ireland. Died Wash D.C. Buried unknown grave S.E. area Wash. D.C.

Sergt. Peter McAnally Co. D. born Glenviggen Draperstown Co. Tyrone Ireland brother to Charles above. Died Philadelphia.

Private William Saxton Co. F. Born Co. Cork Ireland.

Capt. Michael Duffy Co I. Killed Gettysburg

Corp.John Cassidy Co. H. Killed Gettysburg. (See below).

This is a soldiers prayer book provided by the New York Society of St. Vincent De Paul 266 Mulberry St. New York in 1862. The prayer book deflected a mini ball at Gettysburg on 2nd July 1863 and saved Cassidy's life. However the next day July 3rd. 1863 John was fatally wounded. On the inside cover is inscribed Presented by the Rev. Father Martin Chaplain 69th. Regiment at Camp Observation Poolesville Md.

With thanks to Gettysburg National Military Park Gett 9018

Surgeon F.F.Burmeister

Private Roger Loughran Co. B. Killeshill Co. Tyrone Ireland

Col. William (Bill) Davis. Born Cork Ireland

Private James Kinsella Co. E. Born Co. Wicklow Ireland

Capt James O'Reilley Co. C.

Private Bently Bolton Co. B.

Pvte. Edward Lawrence Brigade/Regt.Butcher.

Private William (John) Morley Co. A.(Photo courtesy "Germantown Crier")

Corp. Paul O. Stillwell Co. G.

Capt Edward Thompson.

Private Wesley J. Carr Co. D.

Private Wesley J. Carr Co. D. in fighting attire

Lieut. John Ryan Co. F.

Sergt. James M. Whitecar Co. K.
Image courtesy of Joseph Maghe

Sergt. Henry Murray Co. K. Blinded at Gettysburg.

Corp. Matthew Biggins Co.F. Wounded Gettysburg.

Pvt. George R. Price Co. F.

Pvt. John S. Strumpher Co.A. 71st Pa- Co. C. 69th Pa.

Pvt. John Kline. Co. B. 69th Pa.

Musican Alban B. Caulfield. 69th. Pa.

Pvt. Richard F.Schofield Hosp. Steward. 69th. Pa.

Capy. William F. McNamara Co. I. (Pen sketch off photo).

John Boden and wife Sarah. John Co B 71st Co. B 69th Pa

The 69th. Pa. Volunteer Infantry Re-Enactment Group.

It would be remise of me not to include some images and material on the men who carry the tradition of the numerous units who took part in the Civil War. Of particular interest obviously are the men who take part in and run the unit of the 69th.Penn Volunteers. I have had great input by their Capt John Kopich and his men in both support and information to this website and I thank them.
It is difficult to realise that there are numerous books, articles, unit listings, pension files etc in the States but here in Ireland the information on the men who left Ireland and fought the good fight is minimal. I have been as a side line to my own family research been keeping a note of any soldier either the Blue or Gray and the War of Independence I have come across. What you see on other pages is about as good as it gets though I will add to as I find. Enjoy the images of this group inserted below.

The 69th Colour Party at Antietam 2003.

Three Seasoned Campaigners of the 69th Re-enactment Unit.

The present 69th Pa. re-enactment regiment was presented a few years back by the City of Philadelphia with the Philadelphia Medal of Honour, to honour the memory of the original 69th Pa.

Colonel O'Kane's image "Courtesy of The Civil War and Underground Railroad Museum of Philadelphia". Much appreciated.
Image John S. Strumpher courtesy Jim McDonald.