Some images of the men of the 69th. Pa.

Includes men from the 71st Pa who finished off their term of engagement in the 69th. Pa.

Field & Staff Officers. Logistics and Medical Staff.
Colonel Dennis O'Kane 
Brig.Gen.Joshua T.Owens. 
Lieut. Col.Martin Tschudy 
Adjutant Anthony McDermott
Surgeon Bombaugh.
Lieut. Col. John Devereux.
Major Patrick Tinen.
Major James O'Reilley.
Lieut.William Davis.
Pvt.James Lawrence Regt.Butcher.
Pvt.Richard Schiefield Med.Assistant.
Surgeon F.F. Burmeister.
Musican Alban B Caulfield.

Rev. Michael F.Martin. Regt.Chaplin.
Drummer Simon McDermott.U.S.Marine
Company A.
Pvt. William (John) Morley.
Private Leonard Syler
Sergt Thomas Norman Co. A
Company B.
Pvt.Roger Loughran.
Pvt.Bently Bolton.
 Capt. Thomas Furey. Co. B.
Pvte John Kline.
1st.Lieut Eneas Dougherty Co. B.
Pvt. Clifton Colvin Co. B.
Pvte John Boden
Pvte. Thomas Kearney Co B
 Pvte David Beers Co. D and wife.
Company C.
Capt. James O'Reilley.
Colour Sergt. David Kiniry.
Pvte John S.Strumpher.
Company D.
Capt. Chas.McAnally M.O.H.
Capt.James Harvey
Sergt. Peter McAnally.
Pvt. Wesley J Carr.
 Pvte.James P Lyle 
Sergt. William Jeffries 
Company E.
Private James Kinsella.
Pvte Henry Owens.
Capt Thomas Woods.
Company F.
Pvt. William Saxton.
Lieut. John Ryan.
Pvt.Henry McLarren.
Sergt.Joseph Ripak Koch
Corp. Matthew Biggins 
Pvte George R Price. 
Sergt Ambrose T Wilbur
Capt.Willaim F. McNamara.(Pen sketch off photo)
Company G.
Capt.Francis G. Bierwith.
Corp.Paul O. Stillwell.
Company H.
Corp.John Cassidy.
Corp. John E Reilley.
1st Lieut Charles B Tanner.
Corp. Patrick H Lydon
Company I.
Capt. Michael Duffy.
 Capt Edward Thompson
Corp.William Turpin Elben
Company K.
Pvt.Thomas Burns.
Sergt James M Whitecar.
1st.Lieut Joseph Kelly
Capt. Theodore (Thomas) Stratton
1st.Lieut George Diechler.
Sergt.Henry Murray

Colonel O'Kane's image "Courtesy of The Civil War and Underground Railroad Museum of Philadelphia". Much appreciated.

Image of John S Strumpher courtesy Jim McDonald.