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Known of and marked graves of men of the 69th.Pa in the New Cathedral Cemetery Philadelphia.

Includes men who had served in both the 71st Pa and the 69th Pa.

Note: This cemetery is situated at 2nd and Butler Streets Philadelphia 18.
The information on the soldiers listed below is as accurate as possible from many sources such as cemetery records, obituary notices, newspapers, death certificates and I would be confident that it is generally accurate. Sadly in many cases records are sparse or lost or probably some burials never recorded. If you can add information or corrections feel free to Email me via the website Email icon. Tks.

Bushell Edward Sergt Co. A.
Devlin James Sergt Co. E.
Diamond Bernard Co.K
Donohue James Co. I.
Glackin Peter Co. C.
Hanlon Thomas ann Dennis
Hart Bartholwew Co. H.
Higgins Patrick Co.B.
Higgins James Co.B
Loan Patrick Co. G
Loughran Roger Pvt.Co. B
Lovett Alexander 1st Lieut. Co. E
Martin Michael Rev.Chaplin.
McGlinchy Connell Pvt. Co C
McAnally Patrick Sergt Co. B
McGowan Dennis Co. A
McKeever Hugh Pvt. Co. F
McLaughlin John Pvt, Co.A.
O'Hara Michael Pvt. Co. H
O'Reilly Philip Pvt. Co. C
Spebce Robert Pvt. Co. F
Stinson Robert Sergt. Co G
Woode Thomas Capt. Co. E.

Sergt. Edward Bushell Co. A.

Sergt. Edward Bushell Co. A

Sergt. James Devlin Co. E.

Sergt. James Devlin Co E. Plot Section L Range 4 Lot 16 W. Margin.

Pvte Patrick Loan Co. G.

Pvte. Patrick Loan Co. G. Plot Q-6-11.

Pvte. Bernard Diamond. Co. K.

Pvte. Bernard Diamond Co K. Buried Plot 0-2-26

Pvte. James Donohue Co.I.

Pvte James Donohue Co.I. Plot Q-3-54.

Pvte. Peter Glackn Co. G.

Pvte Peter Glackin Co. G. Plot J.10.39

Pvtes Thomas and Dennis Hanlon

Pvtes Thomas and Dennis Hanlon Plot O-9-40

Pvte. Bartholowew Hart Co. H. Section B Range 6 Lot 3-W

Private Bartholowew Hart. Co. H. Born Ireland 1830 died Philadelphia 1887.
Descendant family at rededication of his marker Philadelphia Nov.2013 New Cathedral Cemetery.

Private Patrick Higgins Co. B.

Private Patrick Higgins Co. B. Plot N.11.49

Sergt. James Higgins Co. B

Sergt James Higgins Co. B. Plot B-4-49-2W

Rev. Michael Martin 69th.Padre.

Father Michael Matin 69th Pa.Regt.Padre.E.2.17

Father Martin was the first regimental padre.

Pvte. Roger Loughran. Co. B.

Private Roger Loughran Co. B. Buried Section B Range 2 Lot 41.

1st Lieut. Alexander Lovett. Died 19.3.1887. (Arrested Dr. Mudd).

1st Lieut.Alexander Lovett Co. E Section X Row 12. Space 4 Grave 3.
Lieut Lovett was given the honour of being the 69th soldier of the 69th Pa. to be honoured by the 69th Pa re-enactemt Unit Nov 2013 at Philadelphia.

Pvte. Connell McGlinchy Co. C.

Pvte Connell McGlinchy Co.C Plot T.8.20

Sergt Dennis McGowan Co A. Died 23rd Sept 1918. Section 1 Range 11 Lot 7.

Sergt. Dennis McGowan Co. A. Died 23rd Sept. 1918. Plot I-11-7.

Sergt. Patrick McAnally Co. B. Plot O/8/31/(1).

Sergt. Patrick McAnally Co. B. Born Co.Tyrone Ireland died Philadelphia. Plot O/8/31/(1).

Sergt. Peter McAnally Died 11.12.1917. Plot Sect. M. Range 11 Lot 5 Grave 2W. (Family plot). Buried with wife Ellen and son Edward and brother Edward died circa 1914 and others. Brother to Captain Charles McAnally Co. D. Dies Wash. D.C.Aug 8th 1905. Potters field grave. See write up as to circumstances,

Private Hugh McKeever Co E Plot P.1.19.20

Private Hugh McKeever Co. E

Private John McLaughlin Co. A. Plot W-8-21 Died Philadelphia Oct 1900.

Private John McLaughlin Co. A. Plot W-8-21

Private Michael J. O'Hara Co.H Plot Section N. Range 10 Lot 23 2W 2W New.

Private Michael J. O'Hara Co. H. plot Section N Range 10 Lot 23 2W New.

Private Philip O'Reilly Co. C. Plot 0-12-21-GR3. Died 17th Nov.1880 Atlantic City N.J. Brother to Lieut. James O'Reilly buried in the Old Cathedral Cemetery.

Private Philip O'Reilly Co. C. Plot 0-12-21-GR3.

Pvte. Robert Spence Co.F

Pvte Robert Spence Co. F. Plot Section S Range 5 Plot 27.

Sergt. Robert Stinson Co.G

Sergt. Robert Stinson Co. G. Born Newbridge Co. Derry. Died March 25th. 1897. Range M Lot 10-9

Capt.Thomas Woods Co. E. F/2. Lot 43-46 grave south (44).

Capt.Thomas Woods Co. E. F/2. Lot 43-46 grave south (44).
Born Cootehill Co Cavan Ireland died Philadelphia Pa.

NOTE: The Following notes are for identified graves, possible graves of soldiers of the 69th Pa. thought buried in this cemetery. I am particularly interested in finding descendents of these men or if you may have an ancestor of the 69th buried in this cemetery please feel free to Email me.If you see errors also feel free to contact me. Thanks.

Blair John Pvte. Co. G.
Boyle Hugh Capt. Co. G. Plot C-8-17.Also wife Mary M
Boyle Pvte Stephen Co. G. Same plot as brother above.
Brankin James Francis. 2nd.Lieut. Co. G.initially buried Old St. Michaels but in 1891 his remains and also those of father moved to the New Cathedral Cemetery. Section U Lot 5 Range 3 2nd from east. No marker as at 1.11.2017.
Campbell Sylvester W Co. I Section J Lot D Grave 11.Campbell is supposed to be buried under a government issued stone.
Cloney Thomas Co I. Plot Sec J Range 9 Lot 42.No marker as at 1.11.2017.
Colgan Patrick Co.G Section B Range 7 Lot 19 Grave 2nd from west
Connolly Patrick Corp. Co. D Died Jan 4th 1897 aged 61. Also known by name Connell.
Corr Patrick
Donnelly Patrick Co. B. Plot Section H Range 8 Lot 22 2nd from left.
Dougherty John Pvte. Died 13.6.1883 Plot section 5-4-31 East
Hanlon Thomas Pvte Co. B . Section 0 Range 9 No 40 G-1. No marker as at 1.11.2017
Hanlon Dennis Pvte Co.B Same grave as brother above.
Henry (alias McElwee) Michael Pvte Co. D died May 19th 1891.
Higgins Michael Pvte Co. B. and wife Ellen. Plot N-11-40.
Higgins Alexandr Pvte Died 26.7.1907. Plot C-10-21. No marker.
Hughes Henry Pvte Co. K Plot section M Range 9. Lot 23 2nd from east.
Kelly James Pvte. Co. F Died 25th Dec.1889 Plot Q-3-8.
Lindsay Philip Pvte. Co.F Died Sept.4th 1882
McAleer John Plot P-2-27- Grave 4.
McAnany Peter Pvte. Co D. Died March 30th 1892
McCormick Michael Pvte. Co. K
McCusker Mark Pvte Co B J.5.5.
McIlhenny Hugh Lieut Co. F Died Nov 12th 1875 Plot K-9-28
McKee Francis Pvte Co. D. Died AUg 28th 1892.
McKenna William Pvte Co. D
McReynolds Thomas Co. G . Section O-Range 3-No 45- grave 1.Buried with father William and mother Alice. His wife Annie buried in plot J-7-26 in the Old Cathedral Cemetery.
Richardson William Sergt Died 5.5.1884 I-S-28.
Sculley Martin Pvte Co.G.
Sherry Bernard 1st Lieut Co. G. Died 29.10.1898
Sullivan Timothy Pvte.Co. C buried Section N Range 3 Number 21 2nd from west.
Toner Michael Co. G. Died May 4th 1914. Plot S-4-34